Terms & Conditions

Order Process & Requirements

  1. Detailed Specifications: To initiate your order with The Print Company Oxford, we require comprehensive details. This includes the specific sizes, types of garments, chosen garment colours, design specifics, selected print colours, and desired print positions. These details are crucial for us to accurately fulfil your order.
  2. Artwork and Confirmation: Your order process begins once we receive your artwork. If we are creating the artwork for you, it must be approved and signed off. Additionally, we need a confirmation of the sizes and a formal order acknowledgment via email.
  3. Payment: Before we can proceed with your order, either the full payment must be made or, where applicable, payment terms must be agreed upon.
  4. Turnaround Time: Our standard turnaround time is calculated in working days, starting from the day following the final artwork sign-off and receipt of payment or agreement on payment terms.

It’s essential that these requirements are met to ensure a smooth and efficient order process. By adhering to these steps, we can guarantee the timely and accurate production of your order.

Our simple 5 step ordering process

It may sound cliche, but our customer service is second to none!