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If you are looking for holiday t-shirt printing look no further! A cornerstone of  British Holidays is printing up family or team holiday t-shirts for the occassion.  The Print Company Oxford offers free setups, free delivery and free graphic design assistance on all orders for holiday t-shirts.

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If you use our form below, it is possible to order and checkout via Paypal payment process or alternatively you can use the form to drop the details of your holiday t-shirt printing order and we will get in touch with you before we take payment for the order!


If you feel your order is complex, do not be panicked, we are used to a mix of sizes, styles, colours, print colours and such.  It is possible to get a mix of sizes and kid, male and female fit tops within one order at no extra cost.

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It’s really simple to order your Holiday T-shirts from our checkout form to the left, but please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you want to send us artwork, enquire for a cheaper deal or just generally get in touch before ordering!

Free Setups

With all our orders we like to offer free print setups as and where we can. If your design is suitable to vector or full colour transfer processes then setup is most likely free no matter how many colours!

Free Delivery

In most cases we like to offer free delivery. If your order is of low quantity or specifically required in less than 5-7 working days delivery fees may apply but we try to offer delivery for free.

Free Design

In most cases we like to offer free graphic design. If your artwork is not up to scratch, or you require moderate graphic design assistance to setup a logo, we will produce one for free!